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NEW YORK Chief executives at the biggest public companies got an 8.5 per cent raise last year, bringing the median pay package for CEOs to US$11.7 million. Across the S 500, compensation for CEOs is often hundreds of times higher than typical workers.The pay increase matches the bump that CEOs received in 2016, according to salary, stock and other compensation data analyzed by Equilar for The Associated Press.For the first time, the government required companies to show in their annual proxy statements just how much more bosses make than the typical employee. The typical CEO made 164 times the median pay of their employees, according to Equilar analysis.Because the government gave companies wide leeway in how they calculated the median pay of their workers, and because some industries rely heavily on part time workers, the CEO to worker pay ratios are imperfect and make comparisons difficult.

A couple of hours later, I get a call, caller id says California, it must be her (im in ny). I pick up, she starts crying, shes says her prayers have been answered and she knew that one day we would be reunited. We talk for hours, she is an amazingly smart, quick lady, especially fro someone who closing in on 70 years old.

Anyone who purchased the item via Amazon was given a bonus discount of 5% off. It was around this time that several well known retail chains were struggling mightily or had recently gone out of business. Many wondered if we were witnessing the end of big box store model..

10. Successful sales people show value. Today’s business world is more competitive than ever before and most sales people think that price is the only motivating buying factor. That guy probably has broken ribs and internal bleeding. If he’s unlucky, he could have organ damage. And while it’s not scientific, I’m tempted to link the Jackass 2 clip where they’re shot by a claymore full of rubber pellets just to show how scary this shit is.

How: How your company conducts itself is becoming a much more important factor to many of today’s decision makers. Consumers want to avoid being tainted by association with any scandal ridden firms. If an attendee brings up a current negative newsmaker, avoid the temptation to ‘dish’.

I was also surprised. I now leave a large box of makeup remover wipes on top of the towels in the bathroom for this reason. But I still get mascara stained pillow cases cause people don’t clean their faces. The Spaniards are familiar with Portugal’s best player, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has powered Real Madrid to four of the past five Champions League titles. In the middle of club supremacy, Ronaldo two summers ago also helped Portugal win its first European championship an international breakthrough that could carry over to the World Cup. For that to occur, Ronaldo will need help from Euro heroes like Pepe, Rui Patricio and Raphael Guerreiro..

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