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Vinnette Carroll is the queen of the 25th hour. One cinematic DaVinci is Spike Lee, which is all too apparent in his masterpiece, 25th Hour. The movie follows Monty Brogan (Edward Norton), an drug dealer facing a seven year prison term, on the last day of his freedom when he considers his past, his true friends, his only family and all of the wrong turns that led to this dead end.

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Speaking to the media on Saturday, Krishna Bhupathi, Director of the NBTV said that the winner of the Bangalore event would get to play in the Nike Junior Tour’s international Masters championship, to be held in Club Pompadour in France from Oct. 30 to Nov. 6.

The victims of this terrible crime are, by its very nature, hidden from public view.But as today’s Daily Record investigation demonstrates, it is a scourge that is causing untold misery across the country.Men and women caught up in the scandal can be found in almost every community. They are silent and forgotten victims.Shamefully, they include women forced to have sex with dozens of men in a day and kept in line by their abusers with threats and violence.The women caught up in the sex trade fall prey to scum who ruthlessly exploit their vulnerability.Often this thuggish behaviour helps fund other criminal business, such as drug dealing and racketeering.The embarrassingly low number of successful of prosecutions show that as it stands we are not, as a society, taking the problem seriously enough.In 2014, there were just 111 referrals of potential victims of trafficking, a 12 per cent increase on 2013. But we know from experts that this was just the tip of the iceberg.The police say the current laws make it hard to crackdown on the wrongdoers.That 25 of the identified victims were under the age of 18 should horrify every single Scot.So it is extremely welcome that the Government are finally listening to the demands of campaigners such as Labour’s Jenny Marra.The proposed legislation making its way through Holyrood would make Scotland one of the toughest countries in Europe for the slavers to ply their sickening trade.The sooner it is passed the better.SNP’s step to leftNICOLA Sturgeon is absolutely right to back the of the 50p top rate of tax.The SNP yesterday finally confirmed they would support Labour’s plan to make those earning more than pay their fair share again.It was just one of a raft of left wing policies unveiled at the party’s packed spring in Glasgow over the weekend.Polls show May’s General Election could bring a historic shift in Scotland’s voting behaviour from Labour to the SNP.And Sturgeon is doing everything in her power to assure traditional Labour supporters her brand of nationalism can comfortably include socialism.Voters will have to decide for if this belief in social justice is motivated by deeply held beliefs or a cynical electoral calculation..

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