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Not the OP obviously, but this is a really nice comment! Something I keep in mind when learning something new is this quote from an old bike racer “it never gets easier, you only get faster.” Which is to say, how you learn from this shoot, what you take away and apply in your next shoot will in a lot of ways define how your trajectory of improvement looks for later shoots. Keep learning, take these feedback comments in stride, and stay hungry. Great start!.

Investing in DRIPsSeveral types of securities pay dividends. For the purpose of this article, I will refer to stocks as I discuss dividends and describe how DRIPS work, because well, it’s just easier to focus on one security type. The main focus of this article is to discuss dividends and DRIP investing, and to explain how the power of compound interest and time value of money can grow your investment nest egg over time.

Draw up a list and start thinking like an interviewer. It sad but true, that everyone thinks about themselves first, or the WIIFM What In It For Me! Get the balance right and you be on track. Every business wants to be successful. This is /r/blackpeopletwitter. There are literally memes about how when white people start pointing out crime statistics. I guess it makes sense that those same white people are infesting this toxic comment section.

I believe you a smart kid. But I wasn born yesterday, either. You clearly put on this act because you are frantically trying to be popular. Had been there for a week at that point. We had spent the day biking around actually doing some touristy things, which we don normally do. Any other time of that day would probably have been a better time to propose if I wanted to propose in Berlin, I had to do it then because I was out of time.

For many, Black Friday elicits strong feelings one way or the other. Fifty seven percent refuse to shop on that day, saying it nothing but hype and a hassle. Conversely, 9 percent love it precisely because of the terrific bargains. Shenfeld, fellow economists Andrew Grantham and Nick Exarhos say the bigger question they continue to face is whether a crash in the housing market could bring the whole economy down in Canada, in a similar way to what happened in the United States last decade.In a paper out Thursday, the trio say we are not necessarily on the verge of a correction.forecasts were just as common, and wrong, three years ago. But we increasingly getting the question put to us: for the economy as a whole, would we cheer, or fear, a significant house price pull back, they write.They argue a retreat in housing doesn have to trigger the same type of pullback that occurred south of the border last decade.economy wide consequences of a house price correction would largely depend on what triggered it in the first place, the economists write.One scenario could see public policy that increased housing and apartment construction and that increased supply dampened prices and rent. That would leave gross domestic product and the economy a winner.Canada is one of four Aaa countries at risk of housing correction, rating giant Moody’s warnsCanadians ready to cash in on their property, poll finds; problem is, where to go next?David Rosenberg: Make no mistake, the Toronto real estate market is in a bubble of historic proportionsSteep interest rate increases is another fear that continues to feed the notion of a crash.

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